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Bhuti Mbele

CEO , Tech Solutions Architect/ (MBA) Torrens University Australia

“Armed 23 years of hands experience, with both old and new technology from windows 95, dial up internet pathon or other to modern windows 11 cloud technologies and high-speed fibre internet technology, Bhuti has experience it all. He is a self taught and motivated techie and rural born nerd, passionate about people and technology.”



Work Experience
  • Inverstec Group Gauteng 1998-2004
  • Investec Asset Management 2004-2018
  • Sompisi IT Solutions 2014 (Founder)
  • Guest Lecture Cornerstone Institute 2021
  • Senior SharePoint Specialist UNISA 2023
Other Voluntary Involvement
  • Hillsong Church 2009-Current
  • Black Business Council Finance Committee 2019-2020
  • Community Health Foundation 2021-Current
  • Wounds SA 2023
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Technology enables us use code solve problems , what a time to be alive !

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